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We gratefully acknowledge the statistical and administrative staff at each of the clinical trials groups and registries for their assistance in data procurement and harmonization.

We thank Rohini Navalekar, Rachel Murphy-Banks, and Alissah Sillah for their ongoing assistance in the coordination of the HoLISTIC consortium.


The patients and hospitals who participate in the Australian Lymphoma and Related Diseases Registry, steering committee and registry management team of LaRDR.


Joseph M. Connors and Dr. Randy D. Gascoyne for the creation of the Centre for Lymphoid Cancer, BC Cancer Lymphoma Database and Dr. Laurie H. Sehn for ongoing management.


Amy Kirkwood for data management and statistical advice for the Stanford V and RATHL trials coordinated in the University College London Clinical Trials Unit, and Peter Hoskin for leadership of the UK Stanford V study.


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Foundation, and Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Dr. Richard Tsang, Dr. Michael Crump, and Krystyna Tybinkowski (in memoriam) for their dedicated management of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre lymphoma registry, and the patients who contribute to this registry.

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