HoLISTIC (Hodgkin Lymphoma International Study for Individual Care) is an international consortium coalescing a team of diverse experts from across the world to study the salient aspects of Hodgkin lymphoma prognosis, epidemiology, treatment, survivorship, and health outcomes across all age groups.  The consortium consists of 70+ investigators, patients, and representatives from the advocacy community. Investigators include pediatric and adult oncologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine and PET experts, decision-making scientists, cancer statisticians, and cancer epidemiologists.

We are harmonizing individual patient data from more than 20 contemporary clinical trials from North America and Europe of all ages  as well as 6 institutional and regional Hodgkin lymphoma registries, and a large community oncology practice. Our goal is to enhance decision-making for pediatric and adult Hodgkin lymphoma patients and providers, given expanding treatment options and in the absence of complete acute and long-term prognostic data. We are establishing modern, robust, and dynamic decision models for short-term disease outcomes and projecting longer-term estimates for absolute risk(s) of late effects and impacts on health related quality of life.